Solmaior installs 600 solar panels at Palmela Recycling Center

Managers, decision makers, directors are increasingly aware of the advantages of joining solar energy. There are already many companies that have joined solar energy, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and a significant reduction in their energy bills.

Solmaior helped another company to take the step towards self-consumption - The Palmela Recycling Center can now enjoy the sun's energy thanks to the solar panels installed by Solmaior.

The self-consumption system installed in the Palmela Recycling Center consists of 600 solar panels equivalent to 250 kW of installed power.

In addition to significantly saving the environment, this company will also save on energy bills as it will allow for a reduction of around 40%.

Do like these and so many other companies that have already adhered to self-consumption and take advantage of the sun to produce clean energy, reduce energy bills costs and contribute to a more sustainable world.



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