More sun, more energy, more life.

Discover the solutions we have for you.

More sun, more energy, more life.

Discover the solutions we have for you.

Energy Storage

The energy storage systems sold by Solmaior allow to store the excess energy produced by the solar panels during the day, so that it can be used whenever necessary and thus reducing the dependence on the commercial service.

The energy storage batteries are available in two formats: residential and industrial and meet the necessary conditions for installation in different locations, with different needs.

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction aims to minimize the structures’ impact on the environment and society, with quality and efficiency at an affordable price. This sector’s importance to the world’s economy is not limited, and much less exhausted, by the investments and development that mobilizes. The employment volume that it directly and indirectly absorbs, as well as its relevance in the three aspects of the world’s sustainability (environmental, economic and socio-cultural) are also factors that contribute to the sector’s relevance and its activity.

At Solmaior, the context evaluation in which the object of study will be inserted is a priority, followed by an analysis on which sustainable materials, products and processes will be a better fit to the project needs.

Electrical Mobility

Electric vehicles are seen by many as the future of private transport as they do not consume fossil fuels or release gaseous pollutants and provide a superior driving experience. Recharging the vehicle’s batteries can be done in private garages, public parking, hotels or airports. For these reasons, the implementation of electrical charging networks has been one of Solmaior’s biggest investments in the electric mobility field, since their existence is critical to promote the electric vehicles’ use.

Water Treatment

The treatment of one of the planet’s most precious natural resources is an area that includes a complex network of services such as demineralization, descaling, denitrification, sterilizers, ultrafiltration, filters and tank washing, among many others.

At Solmaior® we have invested in developing extensive partnerships with specialized partners that allow us to present highly customized solutions adapted to each case, regardless of their scale.

Renewable Energy

Since the ancient times, it’s possible to find references to the divine figure that the Sun occupies in a community’s life. Today, science and technology have reinvented the solar energy potential with a versatility that goes from self-consumption solutions to residential, services, industry and hospitality companies.

Besides being a type of energy that contributes to savings in the conventional grid, photovoltaic solar systems allow the development of solutions that are adaptable to different realities, being an equally useful tool in places where there is no satisfactory electrical distribution. For this reason, Solmaior works with the highest technology in different systems and equipment, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability.

Energetic Certification

Energy certification for buildings provides to the users information about their buildings energy performance, which may be one of the most effective ways to reduce energy costs, improve temperature comfort and access finance and tax benefits.

With a growing importance in a society increasingly awakened to the environmental impact of its behavior, the Energy Certification area is more and more demanding and requested. Thus, Solmaior provides Energy Certification services to partners and customers in order to deliver excellence in this area as well.

Maintenance Solutions

With a high technological capability and the support of advanced tools, Solmaior® won a long-term confidence in the maintenance activity in several areas:

The integrated services innovative approach has, as its main objectives, the provision of “world class” services, increasing the equipment and systems “up-time”, maximizing the lifecycle asset and optimizing maintenance costs.