Advantages of photovoltaic solar energy for businesses

Photovoltaic solar energy is energy obtained through the direct transformation of sunlight into electricity. As a renewable energy, it has several advantages, namely at a business level. The positive impact on companies is therefore guaranteed both internally and externally.


Savings and financial return

The electricity bill can be a big burden for a company, especially for those that have large installations, equipped with all kinds of material - lighting systems, cooling systems, computers and machinery. The first advantage of using solar energy is the reduction of up to 95% in electricity bills. In addition to long-term savings, this significant reduction allows for a return on the investment initially made in implementing the system. Payback time varies by project and company, but the long life of the system leaves a 100% safe margin to guarantee savings beyond payback for years to come.


Green marketing and sustainability

Consumer relations and green marketing have emerged as major market trends. Green marketing uses the ecological and environmental benefits of a brand or product to make them more attractive. Adopting ecological and sustainable measures is a benefit for companies and consumers, by creating and adding value to their products or services. In this sense, the use of renewable energies, such as solar energy, in a company's processes can have a great impact on the consumer.


Funding programs

As a common interest, the installation of solar panels and the increase in the use of renewable energies can benefit from funding programs, developed and published by the government throughout the year. For more information, you can consult Fundo Ambiental website -


High durability and low maintenance

The aspects responsible for the economic advantages are the high durability and reduced need for maintenance of photovoltaic solar panels. The average durability of 25 years allows a greater return in the long term and annual or biannual maintenance is necessary in areas where the weather situation is not the most favorable, not expending, in any way, excessive resources.


Simple and easy installation

Installing a photovoltaic solar panel system is very simple. Due to this inherent simplicity of its installation, it will not influence the work routine of employees and does not require changes or renovations to the building's electrical network, since it is integrated into the existing network. In addition, the versatility of solar panels makes it possible to adapt the installation to the available space.


Need more advantages?

These are the main advantages of using solar energy in your company. However, the biggest advantage will always be the contribution that the implementation of renewable energies makes to promote and create a sustainable world.

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