Do I need an energy certificate?

The Energy Certificate is the information document that classifies a given property in terms of its energy performance. Energy performance is evaluated according to a rating scale composed of 8 levels – A+, A, B, B-, C, D, E and F. In this, A+ represents the best energy performance that decreases from level to level until F, which represents the worst energy performance.

In addition to the assessment, the energy certificate presents a framework of recommendations that can lead to an improvement in energy performance and, consequently, an improvement in the classification.


What criteria decide the classification?

The energy classification of a property depends on the year of construction, its location, the type of housing, the type of floor, the area, the constitution of the surroundings, the air conditioning equipment and the production of sanitary hot water.


Who must obtain the energy certificate?

The certificate is a mandatory requirement for anyone who wants to sell or lease a property, for new construction and for service buildings. Buildings that are subject to interventions greater than 25% of their value are also included in the group. In any case, it is up to the owner to obtain the document.


How is the energy certificate obtained?

The process of obtaining an energy certificate can only be carried out by an expert approved for this purpose.


Does the energy certificate oblige to implement the recommended improvements?

Only new constructions are required to have a minimum level B- of energy certification. However, the better the energy performance, the greater the benefits related to time and sale price if you want to sell your property.


What is the purpose of the energy certificate?

In the quest to reduce the impacts on the economy and the environment, the main objective is to reduce the levels of energy consumed by increasing the energy efficiency of new and old buildings, as the buildings sector in Europe is responsible for 40% of all energy. consumed.


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